Darlings – Yeah I Know

January 01, 1970

(Famous Class)




Normally, there would be cause to chastise any outfit that
dared tag themselves with a name like Darlings, but with the ebullient sounds
exhibited on Yeah I Know, the bubbly
sentiment isn’t exactly out of sync. 
Imagine a power pop summit in which the Beach Boys play host to the
Buzzcocks, with the Turtles looking on from the sidelines, and the Darlings’ MO
crystallizes definitively. 


Part of the Darlings’ charm derives from the fact that their
debut is an obvious no-frills, homegrown effort, from the fuzzy and nostalgic
black and white photos pictured on the oversized sleeve to the straight
forward, unadorned production values that help define their sound.  It’s so basic in fact, that initial reviews
from the New York press could scrape up few adjectives beyond the basic “local
garage band” or a simple label of “young.” 
Ordinarily, this wouldn’t bode much promise, but then again the idyllic
innocence of “TV” and the chirpy indulgence of “Teenage Girl” don’t aspire to
anything more than a momentary rave-up. 
With songs so effortlessly quick and quirky, Darlings can easily earn
some affection.


“TV,” “Teenage Girl” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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