Dark Dark Dark – Wild Go

January 01, 1970



(Supply and Demand)




Darkness comes in various shades, and the haunting music of
this Minneapolis
sextet embodies many of the emotional maelstroms, winter desolation and late-night
mystery we tend to see in the dark. But these small-orchestra songs
envelop us in comforting textures, too, largely due to the
instrumentation:  Piano, accordion,
cello, double-bass, horns and clarinet share the starring roles, while brushes
provide most of the beats, and guitars are mere accents. Nona Marie Invie sings
with a slight quaver a la the late
Lhasa de Sela, but attacks uptempo numbers more like PJ Harvey.


Together with intricate small-choir harmonies, the voices
flesh out the band’s blend of Eastern European folk, New
Orleans jazz, minimalism, Americana,
and chamber pop influences. You can hear strains of Devotchka and the
Walkabouts here, particularly in a waltz like “Heavy Heart” or a winsome
tarantella like “Celebrate.” The second half of the record drags a bit because
so many of the melodies build on similar circular piano figures, but, just like
the dark, that shouldn’t scare you off.


DOWNLOAD: “Daydreaming,” “Something for Myself” JOHN SCHACHT


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