DANIELIA COTTON – The Gun in Your Hand

January 01, 1970





Though she
comes across with a persona that’s brash and defiant, Danielia Cotton’s bluesy
bluster more or less adheres to a standard MO. Still, it’s a tribute to her
talent and tenacity as both a singer and song stylist that her performances
still manage to come across as fresh and compelling. Channelling a difficult
childhood that found her as something of an outcast in the racial divide, she
rocks with a vengeance, giving her an indomitable presence that sets her apart
at the start. While some critics have attempted to tie her sound to that of
Janis Joplin or Tina Turner, Cotton does far more than merely emulate her
forebears. Her brassy delivery makes songs such as “Love Me,” “Lighthouse
Keeper” and “Long Days” nothing less than compelling, her clear confidence and
assertive delivery always at the fore.


Even when
she slows the pace, as on the ballad “Boy Blue,” or opts for a familiar cover,
as she does by tackling Prince’s “Purple Rain,” the emotion never falters and
the intensity stays intact. The album title is foreboding enough, but the
gritty circumstance and relentless determination she encapsulates overall
suggest Cotton’s clearly a contender who’s way overdue for recognition. It’s
hard to imagine she’ll reside under the radar for very long.


DOWNLOAD: “Lighthouse Keeper,” “Long


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