Daniel Martin Moore – Stray Age

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)




Before he even released his debut album, Daniel Martin Moore
had achieved a measure of notoriety as the first person ever signed to Sub Pop
records on the basis of an unsolicited demo. 
And Moore
fits in quite well alongside fellow Sub Pop folkies Iron & Wine and Fleet
Foxes.  That’s not to say he sounds like
them. If Fleet Foxes come from the Crosby, Stills & Nash school of folk, Moore is a disciple of
Nick Drake, with simple acoustic guitar, jazzy brushed drums and hushed vocals.
His music is warm and intimate, and several songs have melodies that sneak into
your head and don’t leave.


But while Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine’s influences are
readily apparent, both artists transcend the past by adding unique flourishes
of their own.  Moore’s debut shows signs of promise, but he isn’t
at their level yet.


 “That’ll Be the Plan”
“Who Knows Where the Time Goes” HAL BIENSTOCK


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