Album: Collapse

Artist: Dangerkids

Label: Rise

Release Date: September 17, 2013

Dangerkids 9-17



 As far as I can tell, Dangerkids is a Screamo from Dayton, OH whose musical knowledge includes Linkin Park, The Used and… nope, that’s pretty much it. Nu-Metal rapped vocals, punctuated by throat shredding screams and a tendency to pepper the lyrics with the band name over and over – like The Crips or The Backstreet Boys – this debut from Dangerkids is ambitious only in the fact that there is so much wrong with this record.

 I’m impressed that the band would decide to self-produce this, their first album, but from the piano intros on “Light Escapes” and “Cut Me Out” before an explosion of loud guitars, to the Nine Inch Nail-lifted synth lines in just about every other track, it appears as if there was no idea too clichéd and played out to throw into this record.  

 The fact that these guys have been a band since April 2012 and have already signed to Rise Records, a great indie punk label home to everyone from Hot Water Music to the Bouncing Souls, is equal parts impressive and sad.

  DOWNLOAD: Absolutely nothing.


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