DAN REEDER – Nobody Wants to Be You

Album: Nobody Wants to Be You

Artist: Dan Reeder

Label: Oh Boy

Release Date: November 10, 2017


The Upshot: Short, sharp, shocks to the system via the snarky folkster’s latest EP.


Dan Reeder’s latest EP, Nobody Wants to Be You, is short. Just five songs long, it is frustratingly short. Just about every track here, beginning with the title song, embodies all that is great about Reeder’s quirky, snarky take on folk, which just adds to the feeling that he’s teasing us by putting out such a brief record.

It’s appropriate that John Prine started releasing Reeder’s music, as both share a knack for getting across their point succinctly with a wry sense of humor and little use for superfluous flourishes. Need an example? Take the lyrics for “Born a Worm”: “Born a worm/spins a cocoon/goes to sleep/wakes up a butterfly/oh what the fuck is that about?” Simple, yet brilliant.

Whether he’s singing about disappointing your loved one spectacularly (“Nobody Wants to Be You”) or the Jesus looking guy in the park (“The Pond in the Park”), Reeder can draw a listener in with just a line or two. The only downside to this latest is that it’s over almost as soon as it begins. Let’s hope this means a full length is right around the corner.

DOWNLOAD: The entire thing; come on, man, it’s only 5 songs long!




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