DAMON & NAOMI –Fortune

Album: Fortune

Artist: Damon & Naomi

Label: Ba Da Bing

Release Date: February 10, 2015

Damon Naomi 2-11



When they drifted away from their onetime mother ship, otherwise known as Galaxie 500, it would have been reasonable to expect that Damon & Naomi would eventually morph into an entity bearing their own identity, forsaking the dream pop handle for something a little more distinct. Ten albums on, that transition has yet to take place, and instead it seems they’re merely drifting from one nocturnal slumber fest to another.

Not surprisingly then, Fortune finds the duo in the same hazy malaise, all shimmery guitars, meditative melodies and vocals so hushed and unobtrusive, there’s little to tether them at all. It’s pretty stuff to be sure — the ethereal glow of songs like “The Seeker, “The North Light” and “It’s Over” casts a precious glow, all fragile illumination cast in a willowy hue. The real problem is that there’s little, if anything, to distinguish any particular track from the one that precedes it, omitting anything of hummable worth for vague, languid repose. It wears thin after awhile, despite the fact that the ambiance sets a mellow mood. Morning-after music to be sure, Fortune yields circumspect in place of real circumstance.

DOWNLOAD: “The Seeker,” The North Light,” “It’s Over”

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