Damnwells – One Last Century

January 01, 1970

(Poor Man Records)



Treading the terrain that separates traditional Americana
from the headier realms of pure Pop, the Damnwells have consistently mined the
best qualities of each genre.  This third
outing (not counting various earlier EPs) is no exception, although its title
suggests some rumblings concerning their current state of affairs.  Having disbanded their original incarnation
and shedding his major label ties, leader Alex Dezen returned to college to
obtain his MFA, subsequently releasing this disc via a free download in
January. It’s now available in CD form.


Conspiracy theorists could be convinced that One Last Century foretells one final
album, although clearly, Dezen still has plenty of potent melodies brewing at
his disposal.  While most of the songs
bear a contemplative quality – the beautifully beguiling “Midnight” and the
quietly determined “Everything” chief among them – the earnest amble employed
overall makes this as listener friendly as ever.  The emphatic refrain of “Closer Than We Are”
and a surging “55 Pictures” assert that impression as well.  One damn fine band makes another damn fine
album, hopefully signaling many more Damnwells-done efforts to come.


Standout tracks: “Soundtrack,” “Closer Than We Are,” “Bastard of Midnight” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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