Damien Jurado – Maraqopa

January 01, 1970

(Secretly Canadian)




Damien Jurado inhabits a netherworld of sorts, where
ethereal trappings and haunted imagery form a hazy template for his elusive
melodies and ghostly incantations. Suffice it to say Jurado’s never been an
easy artist to pin down, not only due to his lack of hum-worthy tunes, but more
succinctly, because of the shimmering ambiance that hangs over his work like a
pall, keeping listener’s at arm’s length and defying the notion of any ready


Naturally then, Maraqopa is no exception, and while the occasional entry – the call and response of the
title track, the tentative groove that underpins “This Time Next Year” and the
lighter than air “Everyone a Star” – opens the door a crack, Jurado still seems
fully intent on liberating his music while evading expectation. Atmospheric
touches take command, whether it’s the echo-y vocals of “Nothing Is the News”
and “Reel to Reel” or the shadowy “Working Title.” Jurado may be the pop/folk
world’s most brazen experimentalist, a distinction he may or may not clamor
for, but it’s his by design regardless. Consequently, Maraqopa is a realm that beckons only the most adventurous, but
once there, the aural surroundings may prove too alluring to leave.


DOWNLOAD: “Maraqopa,”
“This Time Next Year,” “Everyone A Star” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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