DAMIEN JURADO – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Album: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Artist: Damien Jurado

Label: Secretly Canadian

Release Date: January 21, 2014

Damien Jurado



 Damien Jurado has always been one to explore his every option, and if that’s meant allowing his freak flag to fly, then so be it. Although not widely known to the world at large, this Seattle-based singer/songwriter has always demonstrated consistently creative intents, vetted in a string of albums that affirm his imagination and his aptitude.  By manipulating field recordings, random sounds and his well-tuned melodic skills, he effortlessly splices these disparate elements together.

 Despite its grandiose title and a cover that resembles a classic Hipgnosis album jacket of the late ‘60s or early to mid ‘70s, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son is a surprisingly accessible effort, thanks to a sound that will remind some of college days huddled in dorm rooms, surrounded by black light posters and the smell of incense wafting through the ether. In many ways, it’s Jurado’s take on classic prog, as evidenced by the ethereal spin of “Magic Number,” the cosmic haze of “Silver Timothy” and the final fade offered by “Suns in Our Minds,” replete with its chorale of voices and assorted sound effects. However the most convincing examples of Jurado’s psychedelic spin come through in “Return to Maraqopa”– a dead on replication of mid period Moody Blues — and “Metallic Road,” which immediately brings to mind Roger Waters taking the helm of Pink Floyd and guiding them towards The Wall.

 Of course, Jurado has always been a master of emotion, and here that’s clear in the haunting “Silver Malcolm,” “Silver Katherine” and “Silver Joy” (yes, fully half the songs have “Silver” in their title), the latter two thick with sentiment in a Nick Drake sort of way. All in all, it makes for a rich and resilient brew, and maybe, just maybe, the kind of opus that will propel Jurado towards the greater accolades he so clearly deserves.

 DOWNLOAD: “Silver Joy,” “Return to Maraqopa,” “Metallic Road”

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