Daedelus – Bespoke

January 01, 1970

(Ninja Tune)




Well-made, excellent, effortlessly stylish – it is, perhaps, no
accident that Alfred Darlington, the electronic artist known as Daedelus, chose
high-end tailoring as a metaphor in his 12th full-length Bespoke. Like the hand-sewn items of clothing he celebrates, Daedelus’
art-form combines meticulous, detail-sweating intricacy with the sensuality of
fine fabric close to the body.


You might be tempted to say that Daedelus fits his creations to the
artists that make guest appearances on these tracks – Inara George, Baths,
Busdriver, Bilal and Milosh – but the truth is that they do more to fit
themselves into his singular, luxurious vision. Inara George, in album standout
“Penny Loafers,” is transformed into a marcelled and fabulous 1940s songstress,
her lovely voice flanked in by nightclub maraca beats and stylish radio
choruses. Milosh is surrounded by gleaming, pulsing 1960s soul sounds, his
“Tailor-Made” turning sleek and chic and faintly ironic. Even Busdriver basks
in sartorial splendor on “What Can You Do?,” his retro soulful voice braced by
a breathless, forward-rushing, movie-soundtrack glamour.  


Elsewhere and on his own, Daedelus ventures into bright percussion-and-harpsichord-stitched
Beatles psychedelia (“Sew, Darn and Mend”) and dashing Axelrod-ish, cinematic
drama (“Suit Yourself”). Throughout, strong melodic hooks beguile and attract
attention, while relentless, percussive motion shakes off closer scrutiny and
heads to the next idea. Superb material, sewn together with skill and tiny,
nearly invisible stitches, makes for head-turning fashions on this
beat-centered, lavishly detailed enterprise. Looking good?  No, looking fabulous.


DOWNLOAD: “Penny Loafers
(featuring Inara George),” “What Can You Do? (featuring Busdriver)” JENNIFER KELLY

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