Album: Custodian

Artist: Cyrillic Typewriter

Label: Jaz

Release Date: September 24, 2013

Cyrillic Typewriter 9-25


 Knowing that The Cyrillic Typewriter is a nom du composer of Jason Zumpano, who has pitched his pop tent previously with Destroyer, Sparrow, Loscil and of course Zumpano, doesn’t fully prepare you for this “score for an unreleased horror film” (as the press sheet calls Custodian). Ornate yet moody, synth heavy but dotted with strings, horns and percussion, it does indeed convey cinematic unease a la some of John Carpenter’s soundtracks or Edgar Froese’s non-Tangerine Dream excursions into film scores. Recurring sonic motifs abound; cursory track titles act as de facto cues, e.g. “Doorway,” “Faces,” “Hands,” etc. There’s also “Lament” parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Overall, Zumpano achieves his stated goal to suggest “a Heart Of Darkness narrative of doomed exploration and dreaded discovery.”

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl and including a 10” x 10” felt weave print tucked inside the sleeve, Custodian comes in a limited edition of 160 (or so we are told, har har) so better act fast!

 DOWNLOAD: The entirety of it, as it’s meant to be listened to as a single piece.

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