Cymbals Eat Guitars – Why There Are Mountains

January 01, 1970



buzzed-up Gotham indie band unleashed this
debut earlier this year, now reissuing it with snazzier artwork.  Maybe it’s appropriate for a group of
music-geek kids who were raised on online mags that they grab at a number of ‘90s
and new millennium touchstones. 


Joseph Ferocious (wotta name) has been studying his Modest Mouse and Bright
Eyes to get the right yelp and honed his songwriting skills on Arcade Fire
bluster and Pixies-like whisper-to-scream climaxes.  But instead of being a slavish pretender, he
comes up with a pleasing mash-up of his record collection. The majestic opener
(“…And the Hazy
Sea”) and
string-swirled closer (“Like Blood Does”) go through complex,
multi-part sections before working their way into frenzies. In between,
Ferocious and friends mine a sweet, bouncy Elephant 6 sound
(“Indiana,” “Wind Phoenix (Proper Name)”), shoegaze walls
of guitars (“Share”) and gentle, sentimental reverie (“Cold
Spring”).  It’ll definitely be
interesting to see what they do now that they’ve gotten attention (and
hopefully avoid a sophomore slump).


Standout Tracks: “Living North,” “… And the Hazy Sea” JASON GROSS


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