CULT OF YOUTH – Love Will Prevail

January 01, 1970

(Sacred Bones)



If you are ever on the part of
Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn where Greenpoint and Williamsburg intersect, head
into a great vintage shop called Fox and Fawn, where you can buy, sell or trade
the cooler and more gently worn pieces of your discarded wardrobe in exchange
for, say, an old Crazy Eddie T-shirt or what have you.


But if you head into the back
corner of the store, you will find a little nook where Sean Ragon runs his mini
music emporium Heaven Street Records. Its a tiny space but it is jam packed
with an amazing array of CDs, LPs, cassettes and 7-inches of the new, used and
rare varieties. And whether you are looking for a Richard Pryor picture disc,
Slayer’s Haunting the Chapel on wax or the latest titles from the
Editions MEGO catalog, this little shop is well worth venturing out to that
particular neighborhood if you are in the area.


As the leader of Sacred
Bones-signed post-punk outfit Cult of Youth, the former Love as Laughter
bassist infuses the knowledge he harbors for every item he sells out of Heaven Street into
his songs. And on the group’s third full-length Love Will Prevail, Ragon
earns his rightful place alongside the works of the underground icons he flips
for profit.


Recorded in the studio he built
adjacent to Heaven Street inside Fox and Fawn, Ragon plays every instrument on
here save for the drums, handled by Glenn Maryansky of the local death-wave
outfit Blacklist, and the violin, which is fondled here by Christina Key of
Zola Jesus’ touring band. The inclusion of additional musicians is a first for
a CoY album, and definitely provides a fuller sound to Ragon’s intriguing blend
of CAN and Crime & The City Solution on key tracks like “Man and Man’s
Ruin” and “Garden
of Delights”.
Meanwhile, songs like “Prince of Peace” and “Path of Total
Freedom” have as much in common with Shane MacGowan as they do Ian
McCulloch, albeit finding a meeting point in the darkest corners of their
respective songbooks, mind you.


If you are a musician who wants
to run a record shop, you have to know your shit on such a multitude of levels
it would make a lesser man’s head spin. But lucky for Sean Ragon, the handle
he’s got on his hustle isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


DOWNLOAD: “Man and Man’s Ruin”, “Path of Total
Freedom” -RON HART





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