Cub Country – Stretch that Skull Cover and Smile

January 01, 1970



is the first Cub Country record in 5 years and, for the most part, it’s a welcome
return. It seems that in the interim leader Jeremy Chatelain (ex-Jets to Brazil) had been doing some destination hopping
as he left Chapel Hill, North
Carolina and went to Seattle and
eventually ended up in Salt Lake City,
Utah. Aided and abetted by a host
of friends  (some new and some longtime musical companions) Stretch
That Skull Cover and Smile
,apparently a Jack Kerouac comment, is a bit of
a mixed bag but it has more highs than low and the highs deserve to heard.


pedal steel-infused “Painted Flowers” and “Red Carpet” both have a lovely,
swaying quality to them and “A Northern Passage” unfolds into the most
comfortable easy chair you have ever fallen back into. Elsewhere, “Slow
Ascending” has a gorgeous opening guitar lead and sounds like one of the Drive
by Trucker’s classic ballads (“Smith-Level” too). I could have done without the
stumbling opener (“On Yer Own”) or the ham-fisted guitar chop of “After the
Song’s Been Sung” but they are truly minor quibbles here as most of Stretch
That Skull Cover and Smile
sounds quite inspired. 


“Painted Flowers”, “A Northern Passage”, “Not
Long For This Life” TIM HINELY



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