CSC Funk Band – Things Are Getting Too Casual

January 01, 1970

(Fat Beats)



Upon the disbanding of prog-noise junkies theusaisamonster,
hulking guitar godhead Colin Langenus – half of that legendary duo – not only
shed his trademark white boy dreadlocks but also his former band’s spastic rock
for CSC Funk Band, a straight-up funk beast. Akin to Glenn Branca’s assembling
of a guitar army for one of his dissonant symphonies, Langenus gathered up a
whopping ten members (including keyboard maestro Matt Mottel of NYC avant-garde
misfit twosome, Talibam! and SST Records veteran Jimmy Thompson on percussion)
and emerges with the most conventional of bands in an underground rock full of
oddities: a killer funk juggernaut.


After a handful of funkalicious 7-inchers released by the
Electric Cowbell label, CSC Funk Band debuts with the quintessential loft party
record, Things Are Getting Too Casual,
a set that shows this Fela Kuti, Meters and Minutemen-influenced unit – whose
throngs of horns include sax, trombone and oboe – has the chops not just for
the occasional single but for a seamless LP, to boot.


Dance floor scorchers like “We Don’t Care,” “Bad Banana
Bread” and “Funk Shoppe” steadily build on Langenus’ repetitious funk
shredding, Mottel’s psych-synth streaks and Blaxploitation-esque horn and
percussive grooves, the songs addictive and melodically concise while never
veering into cacophonous, experimental terrain. CSC Funk Band cuts the fat and
stays true to their calling: the funk.


DOWNLOAD: “Caneca,”
“We Don’t Care” BRAD COHAN

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