January 01, 1970



If possible, the already
gloomy Crystal Castles have gotten even darker for the group’s third album,
appropriately and simply titled III.
This is an excellent and welcome direction for the experimental electro-pop duo
to head in, and producer/instrumentalist Ethan Kath seems to be looking towards
Faith and Pornography-era Cure as an inspiration for these new batch of songs.
Singer Alice Glass reverberates her wonderful screech all over tracks like the
lead single, “Plague,” an amazingly murky, gothic dance song that is epically


Crystal Castles continue
to make simple yet effective electronic music utilizing both techno conventions
and unique samples, but what makes the group’s songs so effective is the dark,
raw emotion that is always on display. Sometimes controlled, occasionally
chaotic, this new album packs a powerful impact.


“Plague,” “Sad Eyes” -JONAH FLICKER

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