Crystal Antlers – Two-Way Mirror

January 01, 1970

(Recreation Ltd.)


Let’s be clear right up front: Crystal Antlers is a
psych-rock outfit from California;
not to be mistaken for noise-pop or electronic bands that just so happen to
share the increasingly common Crystal [Plural
] moniker. Yes, it’s confusing. And what makes it more so is the
overall lack of distinctiveness that defines Crystal Antlers.


The convergence of influences on Two-Way Mirror resembles a band with compelling ideas. Opening
tracks “Jules’ Story” and “Seance” dart between churning lo-fi punk and
dizzying whirlwind psychedelia, setting the listener up for a roller coaster of
white boy angst – like a split bill with The Catheters and The Coral. The
see-sawing dynamic runs a bit ragged, ultimately. The rhythmic “Summer
Solstice” finds a nice little hideaway, channeling the fits of energy into
focused mid-tempo swagger, but as the squawks of reverb and strained vocal
chords reemerge, it feels more and more like a mirror we’ve looked into before.
Whether that was just ten minutes ago, or ten years.


Story,” “Summer Solstice” ZACH BLOOM

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