Album: Teeth

Artist: Crushed Out

Label: Cool Clear Water Records

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Crushed out Teeth 9-16


Crushed Out is one of those bands that challenge fans and pundits alike to come up with an easy description that can lead to any quick categorization. Based in Brooklyn, husband-wife duo Moselle Spiller and Franklin Hoier (on drums and guitar, respectively – survey a wide array of influences — the White Stripes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and various vintage ensembles as well. Agile melodies and swooning vocals play predominant roles in the mix, but this sophomore set defies any easy definitions by tackling a Bo Diddley beat and a wailing refrain for “Riding Lightning,” shifting into surfer mode on “Mermaid Chant,” and even dabbling in some luminous Beach Boys-like harmonies with the aptly named “Summer Sunset.” There’s a fluidity and casual swoon characterizing the album overall, and yet the relentless riffing of songs like “Surfer Billy” and “Two Lovebirds” ensures a certain modern rock credo. So while Teeth is a bit amorphous, there’s also no doubt it does pack a certain bite.

DOWNLOAD: “Riding Lightning,” “Two Lovebirds,” “Summer Sunset”


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