CRUSHED STARS – Farewell Young Lovers

Album: Farewell Young Lovers

Artist: Crushed Stars

Label: Simulacra

Release Date: January 21, 2014

Crushed Stars


 Operating under the nom de plume Crushed Stars, Todd Gautreau has made it his mission to add some solace to a noisy, jarring world. Over the course of Crushed Stars’ five albums he’s managed to purvey a soothing, celestial sound that makes full use of a hushed vocal, shimmery guitars, an ethereal aesthetic and a near-constant quest for quiet contemplation. That formula remains constant for Farewell Young Lovers, a title that’s more than indicative of the soothing sounds contained within. Gautreau’s melodies are clearly intended to lull the listener into a sedimentary state of unperturbed bliss — some might refer to them as snooze-inducing at times — with an end result that approximates a haze of nocturnal delirium.

 Still, it’s best not to give in to any shuteye, because doing so would allow the lovely lilt and serene assurance of “This Happens Every “Crocodiles” Time,” and “Flowerbomb” to slip by undetected. Indeed, for all Crushed Stars’ sonic indulgence, there’s a host of sensual delights to focus in on when it comes to achieving that zen-like gaze. Best then to meditate on the melodies and simply appreciate Gautreau’s soothing intent. Wishing upon these Stars is wholly encouraged.

 DOWNLOAD: “This Happens Every “Crocodiles” Time,” “Flowerbomb”

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