CROW MOSES – Horse Heaven Hills

Album: Horse Heaven Hills

Artist: Crow Moses

Label: Crow Moses Music

Release Date: September 09, 2014

CRow Moses 9-9


The artist formerly known as Musikanto wisely adopts a new handle (albeit one that’s equally unlikely) in order to reboot his resume. It’s a good move too; the resulting release, Horse Heaven Hills, qualifies as something of a sleeper. Singing with a voice that combines the wide-eyed wonderment of Paul Kelly and the pensive appeal of Al Stewart, Crow Moses blends tangled guitars, a folkie gaze and choice Americana into a most palatable and appealing sound.

Having the Jayhawks’ Gary Louris in the producer’s chair provides an added asset of course, but like his Old Testament prophet namesake, Moses knows exactly how to proceed. The honesty and enthusiasm that’s evident here is likely a product of his mid-western breeding, but Moses’ melodic designs and amiable intents also reflect some obvious savvy. Most of the material proceeds at an unhurried pace, which allows the soothing caress of “Horse Heaven Hills,” “Dream Catcher” and the album’s haunting crescendo “Alone With Me” to fully take hold. Likewise, when Crow and crew accelerate the tempo via the riveting “Whatever You Wanna Do” and the propulsive pop of “Fog Behind the Mile” Horse Heaven Hills genuinely achieves new heights.

DOWNLOAD: “Whatever You Wanna Do,” “Alone With Me,” “Horse Heaven Hills”

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