Crocodiles – Endless Flowers

January 01, 1970



One would assume that much of alternative
pop is always dark and gloomy. Despite San
Diego quintet Crocodiles’ obvious debt to moody
merchants the Velvet Underground and the Cure, however, that assumption is clearly false with their third CD Endless Flowers. The carefree adventure
begins with the title track, a romantic tale about a man who is madly in love with
his girlfriend; it features soulful vocals and gritty riffs. Meanwhile, second
track “Sunday (Psychic Conversation # 9)” takes a lighter and more melodic tone
as it meditates on finding peace in life.


Crocodiles play with great passion
and honesty, and the album tackles every human emotion. Consider it an instant


DOWNLOAD. “Endless Flowers,” “Sunday” LESLIE SNYDER


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