Crash Test Dummies – Oooh La La!

January 01, 1970

(Deep Fried)


You remember when the Crash test Dummies sang goofy, fun
songs about God shuffling his feet and kids in fundamentalist churches? Well, the
band apparently doesn’t.


On Oooh La-La!, the Canadian band’s first album in six years, the group takes a much more
somber tone and loses a lot of their initial appeal in the process. Brad
Roberts’ distinctive deep throated near-growl is still front and center, but
when he starts to sing its obvious most of the fun has been stripped away from
the songs.   


Tracks like “You Said You’d Meet Me (in California)” and “The In Between Place”
sound darker and a bit ominous without the clever lyrics the band was once
known for propping them up. The album though isn’t all bad; Songs like the melancholy
“A Heart of Stone” is probably the most beautifully sentimental track the band
has ever put to tape.


Musically, Oooh La-La! has an almost symphonic feel about it, and constant musical references to the
early 20’s (“Not Today Baby”): all interesting, but not nearly as satisfying as
the band’s first few records.



Standout Tracks: “Paralyzed”
and “A Heart of Stone” JOHN B. MOORE


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