January 01, 1970

(Blind Pig


Based on
the guitar intensive efforts he’s parlayed since his departure, Craig Chaquico
has made it pretty clear that his stint in Jefferson Starship was simply a
sideline. A good pay check aside, it’s evident that his real desire was always
to play the Blues, or for that matter any genre that allows his instrumental
skills to be spotlighted front and center.


On Fire Red Moon, like on most of his solo
endeavors, it quickly becomes clear that the material exists mainly to show off
his strengths, and other than a handful of original instrumentals — “Blue on
Blues,” “Fire Red Moon” and “Fogtown Stroll” chief among them — Chaquico chooses
to show off his licks in the context of some well worn classics. It’s
questionable whether the world needs yet another take on “Crossroads,” Born
Under a Bad Sign” or “Rollin’ and Tumblin’,” given that definitive versions of
those songs have long since been enshrined in the musical ethos, but as
vehicles for Chaquico’s fiery fretwork, they’re apparently worth a revisit.
There’s little doubt that Chaquico’s an impressive player, but this set of
songs also conveys a sense of having been there and done that, and it’s that
feeling of deja blue which causes Fire Red Moon to eventually lose its


DOWNLOAD: “Blue on Blues,”
“Fire Red Moon,” “Fogtown Stroll” -LEE

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