SO COW – The Long Con

Album: The Long Con

Artist: So Cow

Label: Goner

Release Date: September 16, 2014

So Cow 9-16


I’ve always approached this band (Basically the brainchild of one Brian Kelly though on this record he has a real live rhythm section) with caution. Not sure why, I’ve mostly liked what I’ve heard. Part of it is that I’ve always gotten advances of their stuff and those cds in cardboard sleeves are so damn hard to keep track of. Anywho, after two released on Tic Tac Totally (a label I really like) they’ve jumped to the big leagues with a new release, their third, on the Goner label (a label I really like as well).

I will say this, it’s Saturday morning I’m cleaning the office and this is perfect cleaning music. This stuff is noisy and hooky though the band never goes for the obvious hook, in fact, some of the guitar playing is downright amateurish in the best way possible. Some of the hooks remind me of that old Chicago band Number One Cup (Flydaddy Records, look ‘em up).  There are 13 songs here and I’d say a good 10 of them are good enough for a mix tape, if I still made mix tapes (sigh…). Check out “Sugar Factory,” “Operating at a Loss” (my life story) “Say Hello” and “To be Confirmed”, those are definitely good places to start. Oh and the final song is called “Barry Richardson”, don’t know who he is but he has a song named after him. I like So Cow and you will too. By the way, did I mention that this was recorded in Ireland?

DOWNLOAD: “Sugar Factory,” “Operating at a Loss,” “Say Hello”


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