Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon

January 01, 1970

(Suicide Squeeze)


It’s hard to pin down Cotton Jones. A sublime, stoney aesthetic
coats this entire album, and it’s often difficult to tell if this is some lost
late-‘60s masterpiece or a 2009 indie-folk future classic; similar in that way
to M. Ward. The duo of Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw clearly know how to
compliment one another, and the gentle keyboards, horns, strings, whistles and clean
guitars always support the well crafted songs. This is a slow burn that grows
brighter each time you spin it. There’s subtlety, restraint and nuance in every
nook and cranny, and the more you let go the more you will get out of the
male-female harmonies, crystal acoustic passages and pretty psychedelic
hallways. The same reasons that make it difficult to describe or categorize
Cotton Jones are the same things that make this album so appealing. A beautiful
record in every way.    


Standout Tracks: “Gotta
Cheer Up,” “By Morning Light” AARON KAYCE


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