Corin Tucker – Kill My Blues

January 01, 1970

Rock Stars)


Sleater-Kinney’s split, Corin Tucker waited four years to return strong with
2010’s subdued 1000 YEARS (go here to read the BLURT
interview with Tucker
from that time). This follow-up is even better &
louder, on par with the dizzying heights of her old band.


self-professed “adult” record (she turns 40 this fall) isn’t MOR but
fist-pumping rock that ain’t going gently into that good night.  Tucker’s in quartet mode with
tinkerer/multi-instrumentalist Seth Lorinczi joining her for a raging double
guitar sound though unlike her former bandmates, Tucker’s OK with hiring a bassist.
After blasting off with “Groundhog Day,” she keeps the momentum going, with
sparks flying on “I Don’t Wanna Go” and “Neskowin,” featuring Tucker’s famous
warble/shriek, balanced by cannily-placed decorative hooks throughout (like
ex-Sleater Carrie Brownstein’s Wild Flag, she’s using keyboards in her new


when she gets mournful on the second half, she’s still angry, strong and
lyrical, not overly sentimental. If she keeps it up like this, who needs a


DOWNLOAD: “Neskowin,” “Outgoing
Message,” “Groundhog Day” JASON GROSS


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