Corduroy Road – Love Is A War

January 01, 1970

(Mule Train)


Surprisingly enough, the plucking banjo that defines the
opening bars of “Love Is A War” conjures up aural memories of that old Herman’s
Hermits chestnut, “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter.” And happily, what
follows is equally affable.  Still, Love Is A War doesn’t  recall the British invasion.  Rather, Corduroy Road is merely another
homespun roots-reverent outfit whose fiddle-fueled melodies, harmonica-laced
wail, pedal steel shimmer and rustic sentiments provide an ample dose of
breezy, down-home charm. 


Truth be told, Corduroy Road parallels a well-trod path that
many of their country rock forebears have plowed before – think Nitty Gritty
Dirt Band in particular — but with the band tooling their approach with such
clear-eyed enthusiasm, it’s hard to fault them for redundancy.  “We Don’t Dream,” “Run Away” and “So Blue”
are so unapologetically upbeat that they belie any sense of despair.  Delving into a bit of ragtime rambling with
their namesake tune, they trumpet the notion that they’re carefree troubadours
simply content to share their songs.  A
feel-good album if ever there was one, Love
Is A War
provides a carefree respite.


“Love Is A War,” “We Don’t Dream,” So Blue” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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