CORB LUND – Counterfeit Blues

Album: Counterfeit Blues

Artist: Corb Lund

Label: New West

Release Date: July 01, 2014

Corb Lund


Corb Lund, the former Canadian punk rocker turned roots country singer, is back with his eighth record and has settled into a comfortable, stripped down grove with a little lap steel thrown in for good measure.

On his latest, he’s boasting a rockabilly vibe here and there, (most prominent on the song “Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle”), and that’s probably a result of Lund and team taking up temporary residency in Sun Studios to make this one. It was recorded live off the floor, a style cribbed from Sun vets like Elvis and Johnny Cash, which gives Counterfeit Blues a more immediate feel. Over the dozen songs here, the record does skirt the line between authenticity and mimicry of the old country records, but once you start to doubt Lund’s sincerity, a song like “(Gonna) Shine Up My Boots” or “Truck got Stuck” comes on and you can’t help but realize that he just really digs the classics and is paying homage to them.

The CD also comes with a DVD of the documentary “Memphis Sun,” which follows the band from their home turf in Alberta to Memphis to record the album.

With a name like Corb Lund, he was destined to either play football for the University of Texas or rock a cowboy hat and strum a guitar; thankfully he choose the latter.

 DOWNLOAD: “Counterfeit Blues,” “(Gonna) Shine Up My Boots” and “Truck Got Stuck”



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