Corb Lund – Cabin Fever

January 01, 1970

(New West)


Corb Lund sometimes
seems like a man caught between two worlds. On the one hand, he’s an up and
coming raconteur whose take on contemporary country has caught the attention of
critics and others with ears and eyes trained on the musical horizon. On the
other, he continues to be fascinated by a traditional template that manages to
incorporate such varied predecessors as Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, and
Waylon ‘n’ Willie.


All the evidence
needed can be found on Cabin
Fever, a willfully eclectic
effort that incorporates country swing (“Cows Around”), yodels (“Priceless
Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner”) yucks (see the aforementioned) and,
natch, some good old-fashioned honky-tonk (“Drink It Like You Mean It”). Not
that he’s immune to the imprint of modern Americana; the swampy stomp of
“Gettin’ Down the Mountain” and the Southern funk of “Dig Gravedigger Dig”
could conceivably gain him favor with the Lynyrd Skynyrd crowd when pursuing
that approach in concert. In the meantime however, Lund deserves credit for
effectively stirring his influences and putting them in one pot. Here’s one
album practically everyone can enjoy.


DOWNLOAD: “Gettin’ Down the Mountain,” “Cows
Around,” “Drink It Like You Mean It” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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