Concretes – WYWH

January 01, 1970

(Friendly Fire)


After three
terrific Spector-inspired records this Swedish band seemed to have disappeared.
Longtime fans may have thought the group was dead and gone after not releasing
anything in three long years. Apparently in that time families were raised (and
one member was rumored to have joined the circus!). Well, they are back, but
this is not the same band pumping out chirpy indie pop. The songs are moodier,
there are beats, and they are writing songs you can almost…..(slow) dance to
(that’s right). Our heroes The Concretes have gone and made a disco record.


Now, before you
get all hot under the collar there, Tarzan (and Jane), give WYWH a listen. It’s more Portishead than
it is Donna Summer. First cut “Good Evening” is nearly six and a half minutes
of pulsing beat and moody keyboards (admittedly, it goes on a few minutes too
long) and “All Day” nearly hit the band’s previous highs. There are, however,
moments of some serious dullness on here (“My Ways”, Cracks in the Paint”) and
on these you wish the band would return to its earlier form.  Vocalist Lisa Milberg (who drummed for the
band previously) isn’t bad, but lacks the departed Victoria Bergsman’s allure.
All these changes will take some getting used to and while this doesn’t seem
where the band belongs, if you give WYWH some
proper listens it could (and should) grow on you.


DOWNLOAD: “I Wish We’d Never Met”, “All Day” TIM

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