COME -Eleven: Eleven Deluxe Edition

Album: Eleven: Eleven Deluxe Edition

Artist: Come

Label: Matador

Release Date: May 21, 2013



In 1992, Boston’s Come were the alternative to the alternative rock that helped push hair metal into near extinction. And a band like the one comprised of former Live Skull luminary Thalia Zedek and ex-Codeine drummer Chris Brokaw on guitars and vocals alongside the bone-crushing rhythm section of Arthur Johnson and Sean O’Brien helped provide the soundtrack for the kids who stayed true to their underground roots long after the likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney bit the apple of major label dalliance. 

And through Matador’s reissue of Come’s seminal (heh heh) debut masterpiece Eleven: Eleven, all the memories of fringe youth beyond the revolution televised on MTV come rushing back to the prefrontal cortex like a tidal wave as Zedek and Brokaw lock in their electric guitars to build the bridge of intensity between the moody blues punk of The Gun Club and the classic NYC noise rock of late ’80s no wave greats Band of Susans on such burning highlights as “Brand New Vein”, “William” and “Fast Piss Blues”.

This 20th Anniversary edition of Eleven: Eleven is bolstered by nostalgically drunk prose by veteran music scribes Everett True and Jay Hinman and a bonus disc comprised of a particularly uncompromising cassette-sourced October ’92 performance at Sub Pop’s Vermonstress festival in Burlington, Vermont, where the group spilled their sonic guts on a stage they shared with some of indie’s finest acts of the day including Sloan, Eric’s Trip, Beat Happening and Six Finger Satellite and wiped up the mess they made with the whole lot of ‘em.

If you have a powerful hankerin’ for vintage indie rock of the highest order, Eleven: Eleven is right up there with Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282’s Mother of All Saints as one of the crustiest crown jewels of Matador Records’ Class of ‘92.

DOWNLOAD: “Brand New Vein”, “Fast Piss Blues” (live)

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