Album: Some Knives

Artist: Collin Herring

Label: self-released

Release Date: May 13, 2014

Collin Herring 5-13


Five albums on, Texas singer/songwriter Collin Herring’s MO is cloaked with the kind of unsettled ambiance which makes a knowing impression somewhat elusive. While his songs tend to be assertive and straight forward, they’re draped in a cosmic overlay that makes the most driving rockers – “Psychopaths,” “Kicked Around,” the title track – sound like a side trip taken by Pink Floyd after putting the brakes on some Interstellar Overdrive. Pulsating tempos and psychedelic soundscapes abound, but when the sound becomes more settled and cerebral, as found on “Covered Up” and “Come Home,” Herring’s vocals echo the woozy, wistful tones of Neil Young or Jeff Tweedy in more genial settings.

Give credit to producer Matt Pence for this hallucinogenic haze; in his day job with the band Centro-matic he’s well versed in the practice of mixing drive and delirium. However, having Herring’s dad Ben Roi Herring on hand as a general utility man (he plays pedal steel, keyboards and accordion, and also supplies backing vocals) provides the most telling additive. After battling various health issues, Herring senior’s presence imbues a certain resilience, one that assumes the relentless rhythms have the force of determination propelling them.

DOWNLOAD: “Psychopaths,” “Kicked Around,” “Come Home”


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