COLIN HAY – Next Year People (Deluxe Edition)

Album: Next Year People

Artist: Colin Hay

Label: Compass

Release Date: February 17, 2015

Colin Hay 2-17


 The march of time has not been kind to many pop and new wave stars of the ‘80s. For every Bruce Springsteen and Madonna there’s a Flock of Seagulls or Loverboy, breaking out the hairspray or squeezing into the leather pants and getting ready to hit the state fair circuit or Chili Cook Off for another round of “Remember this one?”

 Former Men at Work front man Colin Hay, though not quite living at Springsteen-like status, has managed to pull off a difficult move, remaining relevant in the music world as a solo artist, churning out one solid album after another of introspective music to critical praise and building a small, but devoted following across the globe.

 Next Year People, his 12th solo album since 1987, is not drastically different than the last few, but it doesn’t need to be. He has carved out a niche playing comfortable, mellow, but ultimately satisfying pop songs that manage to charm with their simplicity. Next Year People is no different; though the album drags a bit in the middle, there are more than enough good songs here to make up for that.

    The deluxe edition comes with two additional tracks, the instrumental “Lament for Whisky McManus” and “Are We There Yet?,” probably the strongest track of this entire collection, which begs the question was this was a bonus track and not part of the original album.

 DOWNLOAD: “Trying to Get to You,” “If I Had Been a Better Man,” and “Are We There Yet?”



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