COLIN BLUNSTONE – On the Air Tonight

Album: On the Air Tonight

Artist: Colin Blunstone

Label: Zip

Release Date: January 21, 2014

Colin Blunstone


 With the recent revival of the Zombies and renewed appreciation for a band that was sadly underrated in their original incarnation, it’s no wonder that the band’s original vocalist, Colin Blunstone, would opt to renew his pursuit of solo success. Underscoring a set of songs that would have fit comfortably on the Zombies’ late ‘60s masterpiece, Odessey and Oracle, Blunstone’s still-superb vocals and his rarified arrangements effortlessly recall the band’s lingering legacy.

Consequently, one has to wonder, why Rod Argent wasn’t involved in this endeavor. Blunstone’s steady foil and partner in the second act of the Zombies’ saga, Argent could have ensured that On the Air Tonight became the Zombies album it measures up as, in all but name only. “Turn Your Heart Around,” “The Best Is Yet To Come,” “So Much More” and an earnest take on Duncan Browne’s “Wild Places” are rendered with the pristine approach and unapologetic grandeur that the band always aspired to. Likewise, Blunstone’s singing remains as lofty as ever, a reminder that his voice was – and is — a key component in the band’s sound.

 Still, there’s no need to quibble about who’s credited where such a fine effort is concerned.  On the Air Tonight is worthy of the talents involved, and it ought to be noted that both bassist Jim Rodford and his son, drummer Steve Rodford, members of the current Zombies line-up, also play on the album. Besides, it’s wonderful to hear Blunstone’s voice back in the spotlight, on the air tonight, exactly where it’s always belonged.

 DOWNLOAD: “Wild Places,” “Turn Your Heart Around,” “The Best Is Yet To Come”

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