Cold War Kids – Mine is Yours

January 01, 1970



Cold War Kids’
reputation rests on their ability to transition from the disjointed sounds of
clangs, claps and crashes of tracks like “Saint John” to the pulsating bass
riffs of “Hang Me Up To Dry” all while effortlessly creating a unique, rhythmic
body of music whose orifice oozed soul. Therefore singer/guitarist Nathan
Willet induced suspense when he confessed- in an earlier interview with Blurt-that the Kids
altered their sound and lyric styling for third album, Mine is Yours.


Indeed, the
music of Mine is Yours is not as
laden with the Kids’ signature punk-soul as past albums but a few shards remain.
The beginning of the album presents several ordinary tracks like “Royal Blue”
and “Finally Begin” that do not evoke much confidence in “the change.” Luckily,
the latter half of Mine is Yours proves
a bit more distinctive. More uptempo, pop tracks “Skip the Charades” and
“Bulldozer” exhibit the new Kids but are catchy nonetheless while songs like
“Sensitive Kid,” and “Cold Toes on the Cold Floor” definitely harks back to the
bluesy, soul days of Robbers &
and Loyalty to Loyalty. “Cold
Toes” exhibits all Willet’s poignant vocals have to offer as he draws you in
with his passion filled performance.


Making a final
verdict on Mine is Yours lies in one’s
ability to resist the compulsion of comparison and judge the release on its own
merit. Even my knee-jerk reaction was to rely on the adage “if it ain’t broke…”
but Mine is Yours is a fair release that
deserves several listens.


DOWNLOAD: “Sensitive Kid,” “Flying Upside Down”

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