Album: Chúcaro

Artist: Cocofunka

Label: Cocofunka

Release Date: February 26, 2016


The Upshot: Everything from ‘80s pop to reggae and funk can be heard on this party-ready platter.


Cocofunka’s latest album Chúcaro is a real treat for music lovers as it has something for everyone. The album reminds me of El Paso circa 1987 and me heading to Juarez with friends to do some under age drinking. This is the sound of the music at Fred’s Rainbow Bar off the strip. It oozes a vibe of drinking tequila slammers with friends and then somehow making it back across the border alive to tell the tale.

The second track on the album “Coleccionista” is Bryan Ferry’s “Kiss and Tell” meets Level 42’s “Running in the Family”. It’s a funky ‘80s-imbued, slick tune that gets in your head and leaves you wanting more. The band add just enough a hazy vibe to it that you can smell the Drakar Noir cut with a hint of Carta Blanca and sweat.

“Melancolia” is another killer tune. Here the song takes on a regretful air and really shows that the band possess an encyclopedic knowledge of ‘80s. Here they somehow have become kindred spirits with Argentinian masters, Soda Stereo. I’m somehow reminded of Soda’s song “Zoom” off of their magical Sueño Stereo record.

“Oso Perezoso” has a really interesting time signature, and seems more Pacific coast than Atlantic side. The track is as cool as chipped ice on a late summer’s night. The guitarist really shines on this track. His well placed funk inflections are a joy to listen to and make the song really groove.

In the later half of the record the track “Noche Tras Noche” is a stunning culmination of all that the band have built up to this point. Here we have a beautiful collision of reggae, funk and ‘80s pop that just oozes cool.

Consider me converted, as Cocofunka have created a well crafted album that from the music to the production has obviously been very well thought out. What they’ve managed to do on this record is amalgamate some really interesting influences and forged an exceptional artistic statement.

DOWNLOAD: “Melancolia” “Noche Tras Noche” “Collecionista”





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