COATHANGERS – Parasite 12” EP

Album: Parasite 12" EP

Artist: Coathangers

Label: Suicide Squeeze

Release Date: May 05, 2017

The Upshot: Parasites’ presence or not, there’s no sucking here—just balls-to-the-wall (term used loosely) ground zero distaff punk, with power chords a-powerin’ and anthemic vocal choruses a-chorusin’.


If we weren’t a family friendly publication I’d love simply reprinting all the Coathangers’ lyrics, libretto-style and accompanied by chord instructions, in lieu of another silly review. Can I at least scribble down the terms “get out of my fucking life,” “you’re acting like a little cunt,” “who made a prince out of you,” and—my favorite epithet—“swiss cheese brain”? [No. –Standards & Practices Ed.] At any rate, Atlanta’s premiere distaff trio is takin’ names and summarily burning ‘em on a pyre of… well, not love. These ladies are pissed, and they have no intention of taking things on the chin.

Parasite is a 5-song 12-inch vinyl EP – on stunningly gorgeous green marble wax, at that, with all the tracks assembled on side A in order that side B can be given over to an artful etching; kudos to record designer Helena Darling — and it certainly should be regarded as far more than the usual “stopgap release” status typically bestowed between already prominent bands’ albums. From the ground zero punk ranter opening track “Parasite” (choppy chords courtesy the School of Buzzcocks) to the moody tribal psychedelia of “Down Down” (a cross between vintage Television and contemporary Savages) to the impossibly anthemic “Wipeout” (a mélange of great girl groups throughout history, from ‘60s bouffant queens to latterday chopped-and-coiffed swagger galls), this is nonstop fun.

Consumer Note: LP comes with digital download, a nod to fans that should not be overlooked. A lot of major label artists don’t bother to go the extra mile in that regard, so let’s give credit where credit is due.

DOWNLOAD: All of it, but if pressed to the wall for a single standout, I’d have to submit “Down Down” as it is already on my personal mixtape and the BLURT Spotify playlist.

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