Cloud Nothings – Cloud Nothings

January 01, 1970

(Car Park)


 Cleveland wunderkind Dylan Baldi wisely transformed his
one-man demos into an actual band that’s already done impressive roadwork as
well as his/their share of singles, EP’s and cassettes (remember them?).


For this debut, Baldi goes
back to solo mode, playing everything himself though he has the benefit of a
producer and a setting other than his parent’s house to record.  Somehow, he already sounds like a seasoned
vet, reeling off one catchy piece of lo-fi power pop after another with ease.  Think Ramones as he zips through 11 songs in
less than a half hour and maybe the late Jay Reatard too as Baldi make peace with
speedy rock and hooky songs on the bouncy, bright “Not Important,” the
shoegazer ballad “Forget You All the Time” and the adorably snotty “Heartbeat”
(‘I don’t have a heartbeat/Why don’t you?’).  Makes you wonder what he’ll sound like when he
records with a band.


DOWNLOAD: “Been Through,” “Understand At All” JASON GROSS

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