CLOSET MIX – 01 EP 12”

Album: 01 EP 12”

Artist: Closet Mix

Label: Anyway / Tone Scholar

Release Date: February 03, 2017 /

Closet Mix

The Upshot: Woozy, dreamy psychedelic pop guaranteed to put you in a dream state and keep you there.


The incestuous Columbus, Ohio, music scene rarely disappoints, and Closet Mix is no exception. Made up of veterans from the likes of Log, Great Plains, Househearts, Vena Cava, Peck of Snide, the Pringleberries and other outfits, the foursome crafts a sunny, tingly sound awash in dreamy melodies and powered by loping rhythms. It’ll leave you happily humming throughout the day.

This 12” EP comprises five songs, and while the level of songcraft on display here precludes easily selecting the proverbial pick-to-click, the interstellar surf-rock instrumental “Hugh Are You?” is an unexpected delight, cueing up as it does between the elegant pop chime of “It’s Better My Way” and the woozy balladry of “Won’t Be Lonely After All.” Throughout the record, subtle interweaving of Chris Nini’s keys and Keith Novicki’s guitar lends a textural richness ,while bassist Paul Nini’s upper register vocals skate atop the sonic bed with a delicate grace. (Drummer Dan Della Flora rounds out the lineup.)

It all comes to a head in closing track “Vague Uncertainties,” a shoegazey, psychedelic gem that fairly explodes in a series of colorful sonic starbursts; it’s one of those songs that could be extended indefinitely in concert as the band and audience reach out in tandem, higher and higher.

The name Closet Mix is, of course, derived from a Velvet Underground catch phrase—you can research it on your own—while the band Closet Mix has the entire EP posted at their Bandcamp page as a pay-what-you-can digital download. A small handful of the vinyl version are still available as well, although as it’s a super-limited edition, just 200 copies pressed, one should be prepared to jump on it pronto. Tell ‘em we sent ya.

DOWNLOAD: “Vague Uncertainties, “It’s Better My Way”

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