Clientele – Minotaur

January 01, 1970




Singer/songwriter Alasdair MacLean is apparently not only
prolific, but impatient as well. His band the Clientele follows up its last
record Bonfires on the Heath less
than a year later with a limited edition mini-album Minotaur. If quality has anything to say about it, it’s no wonder
MacLean couldn’t wait, as the eight songs are among the Scottish quartet’s


The group’s lush pop magic is in full effect on “Paul
Verlaine,” “Nothing Here is What It Seems” and the title track, but the group reworks
its formula a bit as well. “Jerry” effectively rocks up the Clientele’s usual
genteel approach, “No. 33” explores sonorous instrumental territory, and “The
Green Man” tells its affecting, unearthly story with spoken words over
atmospheric industrial sounds. None of the band’s experiments ever sounds out
of place, one track flowing smoothly into the next on a common wave of
MacLean’s soothing voice and beautiful melodies. Belying its low-key release, Minotaur is one of the Clientele’s best


DOWNLOAD: “Jerry,”
“Paul Verlaine” MICHAEL TOLAND

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