Album: Tableau

Artist: Clarence Bucaro

Label: Twenty Twenty

Release Date: June 23, 2017


Clarence Bucaro has built a more than impressive career around an ability to craft superb songs that sound like standards even on first hearing. Having plied his craft over the course of several albums and a number of years, he clearly deserves far more recognition than he’s been accorded up until now. All of his albums are made to impress, given an ability to pen songs that boast hooks aplenty and the kind of keen melodies that never fail to leave an emphatic impressions. Back in the day when radio played songs based on melody and mastery alone, Bucaro’s music would be all over the airwaves.

Sadly, that’s not the case anymore, but the fact remains that Bucaro is nothing less than a songwriter’s songwriter, an artist with the ability and confidence to gain entry to the very top of the charts. His latest effort, Tableau, continues in that tradition, boasting songs of undeniable beauty, creativity and craft. This time around Bucaro strips down his sound, relying mostly on an acoustic set-up that brings out his intents with articulate arrangements and undiminished intent. That’s proven yet again with songs such as “Your Love’s Not Close Enough,” “Lord, Light Me a Candle” and “These Years,” all of them offerings that rank among Bucaro’s best efforts yet. In that regard, Tableau paints a clear picture of an artist that possesses both talent and tenacity.


DOWNLOAD: “Your Love’s Not Close Enough,” “Lord, Light Me a Candle,” “These Years”

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