Clare Burson – Silver and Ash

January 01, 1970





It’s practically a prerequisite that in order to qualify as
a sensitive singer/songwriter type, one must employ subtlety and finesse in
their musical application. Clare Burson certainly has that lesson down pat;
over the course of three exquisite LPs, she’s allowed delicacy to reign as an
integral part of her template. Not surprisingly then, her latest outing is
comprised of a modest yet haunting set of songs that makes a firm impression
based on a graceful delivery alone.


In fact, Burson is adept at understatement; on opening
track, “The Only Way,” she coos, “You had such a lovely crooked smile/And blue
eyes that were gray when it was raining.” An acoustic guitar and an occasional
hint of violin, pedal steel, mandolin and strings pass for embellishment, but
the lithe and lilting “Magpies,” the gypsy-like “The World Turns on a Dime” and
the twin caress of “Baby Boy” and “Goodbye My Love” find her making her impact
without resorting to more intrusive measures. Not surprisingly then, some may
find her approach a bit passive, and in terms of garnering wider appeal,
they’re correct. However her charms are irrefutable, and once encountered, they
linger long after those last precious notes fade away.


Only Way,” “Baby Boy” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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