Clare And The Reasons – Arrow

January 01, 1970

(Frog Stand)


The movie As Good As It Gets caustically observed ‘the beautiful
people’: “Some [have] pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats… and
noodle salad. Just no one [among us]. But lots of people – that’s their story:
Good times, noodle salad.” Clare And The Reasons are beautiful people. From Arrow:
“Morning comes just in time/ We will have omelettes/ And there will be parties.”
So, ‘Good times, noodle salad’ becomes ‘parties, omelettes.’ Well la dee
fuckin’ da.


The Reasons’ lyrics and sound (Clare’s voice being occasionally
charming but mainly cloyingly irritating) are eyeball deep in clever and
cutesy. Their anal pop string/horn arrangements are so squeaky clean you feel
you’re walking on polished eggshells. It’s all so precious you want to smash
it. The clever/cutesy quotient reaches a zenith with an oom-pah tuba cover of
Genesis’s already forgettable “That’s All.” “Look how sophisticated yet
whimsical we are. Tubas! Strings! Genesis! Ain’t our record hip?”


No. It’s generally simplistic and rose-colored. Will someone give the
beautiful people a tour of Afghanistan


Standout Tracks: “That’s
All” JOHN DWORKIN        



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