Citay – Dream Get Together

January 01, 1970



Feinberg knows how to put a psychedelic gem together. The guitarist and
songwriter of Citay launches their third album with “Careful With That Hat,” the
first of the album’s three seven-minute tracks, and the one that uses that time
most effectively. It begins with a chugging two-chord riff, and adds three dreamy
singers (not counting voice overdubs, which are probably part of the bliss),
harmonized guitar licks and a trippy guitar solo in the climax. Excessive it
may be, but it has a tension and release dynamic that makes sure that it doesn’t
drag or get buried in excess. The swirly mood continues through the album,
slowing down for “Mirror Kisses,” where guest vocalist Merrill Garbus (of
Tune-Yards) evokes Naomi Yang over the gentle acoustic guitars and the
harmonies of Citay’s two female vocalists.


When Feinberg
foregoes actual songs and just sticks to a groove with lots of solos, the band loses
its footing. “Secret Breakfast” and “Hunter” were probably great fun to play in
the studio, while they were warming up and getting ready for the real tunes.
But they sound like everything “Careful With That Hat” is not. Also, their
stripped down version of Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat” gets the Kramer-sound down pat,
but it doesn’t add much to the song and it feels redundant after a set of
originals that do that thing much better.


Standout Tracks: “Careful With That Hat,” “Fortunate Sun.” MIKE SHANLEY


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