CHUCK MEAD – Close To Home

Album: Close To Home

Artist: Chuck Mead

Label: Plowboy

Release Date: June 21, 2019


It seems pretty appt that one-time BR5-49 member Chuck Mead would head to the iconic Sam Phillips Recording Studios in Memphis to make his latest, as few in the Americana world have come across as easily an instant classic as Mead. Even though the band first came out in the ‘90s, they had an instant timelessness to their music that you’d have been forgiven for assuming they’d cropped up in the original Sun Studios era. And, much like his former band’s output, Mead’s latest, Close To Home, is just as ageless. Crammed with twangy chords, steel guitar, mandolins, and Mead’s distinctive, melodic drawl (a Midwestern/Southern hybrid), this record is classic honky tonk for a modern age.

From the opening, charging chords on “Big Bear in the Sky,” Mead and crew reel through nearly a dozen country swing and barroom dance floor jams, slowing the tempo down ever so slightly now and then, but never for long.

The music is superb, but it’s Mead’s subtle, witty lyrics that really take center stage on this record (like all his previous solo offerings). Though there’s hardly a weak track on the album, the closing song, “There’s Love Where I Come From,” manages to be both remarkably simple, and simply sublime.

DOWNLOAD: “I’m Not the Man for the Job,” “Close to Home” and “There’s Love Where I Come From”

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