Chuck Brown – We Got This

January 01, 1970


(Raw Venture)

Saying that Washington DC’s very own Chuck Brown is just a purveyor
of repetitive party “go go” music” is like saying Fela Kuti was just African
highlife. Chocolate
City’s godfather of hard
soul has always implemented his rough sound with the potency of swinging jazz’s
heft and dirt-down gritty blues’ density – to say nothing of the fact that his
scratched scuff of a voice is the very soul of the long night’s dark endeavors.
At 74, Brown’s burly gurgle and chafed guffaw beats Waits and Beefheart by a
country mile.


The live CD and DVD that’s part of the three disc set gives
us Brown at his shuck-ing-est (“Wind Me Up!”) and jive-iest (“It Don’t Mean a
Thing”) while throwing the go go against the dance floor for all to partake.
But it’s the disc of newly recorded tunes where the existentialist soul man
comes out to play. Funny thing is, the guests that appear on the studio
recording – Jill Scott, Ledisi, Marcus Miller – are an unwarranted excess. They
distract you from Brown’s gruff hoot and jittery intent. Luckily not so much so
that you can’t upjump the boogie properly.

DOWNLOAD: “Senorita,” “We the
People,” “Midnight Sun” A.D. AMOROSI

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