CHROME – Half Machine From the Sun: The Lost Tracks From ‘79-’80

Album: Half Machine From the Sun: The Lost Tracks From ‘79-’80

Artist: Chrome

Label: King of Spades

Release Date: November 12, 2013

Chrome 11-12


Psychedelic/punk/industrial/weirdo troop Chrome never got its due during its original late 70s/80s existence, despite having an almost Velvet Underground-style influence on all who heard it. Though guitarist Helios Creed flies the Chrome flag every few years, it still doesn’t attract anyone but the diehards. It’s for them that Half Machine From the Sun: The Lost Tracks From ‘79-’80, fueled by a PledgeMusic campaign, exists.

 As advertised, this double-length disk collects tracks from the period immediately following the classic Half Machine Lip Moves, as Creed and singer/drummer/synthesist Damon Edge explored the descent into space rock madness they’d perfected on that landmark LP. Most of the record contains prototypical Chrome, a la psychedelic cyberpunk tunes “”Sound and Light, “Looking For Your Door” and “SALT.” But there’s also a batch of sketches (mainly lacking lyrics and vocals) and experiments, like the startling synth-pop designs “Sugar Moog Pops” and “Charlie’s Little Problem” and the horny Chrome-plated postpunk of “Something Rhythmic (I Can’t Wait).”

 In the liner notes Creed openly wonders why these tunes were never finished and released. Given the high quality of what unfolds here, it’s a good question.

DOWNLOAD: “SALT,” “Something Rhythmic (I Can’t Wait),” “Sugar Moog Pops”

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