CHROME – Feel It Like a Scientist

Album: Feel It Like a Scientist

Artist: Chrome

Label: King of Spades

Release Date: August 05, 2014


Chrome 8-5


If some enterprising scribe ever decides to pen a comprehensive history of musical mindfuckery, Chrome should get its own chapter. While at its heart a psychedelic outfit, the band – which originally revolved around the axis of late singer Damon Edge and guitarist Helios Creed – poured in pitchers of electronics, punk rock, samples (back when they were still called “found sounds”) and any kitchen sink that wasn’t nailed down, forming a planetary mass that would go on to influence industrial music, space rock, psychedelia and every other kind of outsider music that involved amplifiers and sound effects.

After years of letting it rest, Creed has resurrected the Chrome name with new players, but the same attitude. Feel It Like a Scientist doesn’t just include all the familiar elements – boiling synthesizers, wildly pitchshifted vocals, robotic rhythms, noisy guitar swaths, incomprehensible libretto – we expect from a Chrome record. It rolls around in them like Scrooge McDuck in a pile of cash. “Captain Boson,” “Something in the Clouds” and “Nephilims (Help Me!)” exemplify Chromatic excess, and that’s the way it should be – subtlety is a naughty word in this universe. Admittedly, there’s nothing here that pushes the Chrome legacy past its previously-established borders – most of this record sounds like a signal beamed from the group’s original late ‘70s/early ‘80s heyday. But that’s cool – nobody has ever really sounded like Chrome but Chrome, and that makes Feel It Like a Scientist sound as fresh now as it did back in the bad old days.
DOWNLOAD: “Something in the Clouds,” “Nephilims (Help Me!),” “Captain Boson

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