Chrome Cranks – Ain’t No Lies in Blood

January 01, 1970

(Thick Syrup)


“I’m trash!” insists Chrome Cranks frontbeast Peter Aaron in
the opening track of Ain’t No Lies in
, the band’s first LP in over a decade. Given the evidence -unrefined
grunge guitars, blunt statements, Aaron’s wild-eyed mania – it’s impossible to
argue with that assertion. Still drawing inspiration from spiritual compadres
like the Birthday Party and King Snake Roost, the Cranks drag punk rock and the
blues through enough New York City grime to make them almost (but not
completely) unrecognizable.


The grinding “Let It Ring” and the slashing “Broken-Hearted
King” retain their connection to a beating blues heart, despite being violated
by feedback and Aaron’s pissed-off shout. “Star to Star” threatens to become a
sensitive ballad, but the band’s shattered glass-and-gargled gravel attack
derails that notion pretty quickly. And what gets done to Carrie Rodriguez’s
“’50s French Movie” and the Byrds” “Lover of the Bayou” is damn near criminal. No
need to soak in the shower to clean the filth off, however – it clearly gives the
songs extra flavor. There’s a lot of virtue in being trash, a notion the Chrome
Cranks have proven, with great satisfaction, over and over again.


DOWNLOAD: “Broken-Hearted
King,” “Star to Star,” “50s French Movie” MICHAEL TOLAND

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